LAYLA Journal is a literary journal that is composed of artwork, poetry, and stories written by Muslims. Muslims from around the world can submit their work to The Kawthar Project online, and after a review process, the best of those works are  selected and compiled into a literary journal. The journal is similar to the format of a magazine or other literary journals.

Currently, we have 3 volumes, which you can purchase in our store here. Submissions for LAYLA Journal Volume 4: Fatima, Lady of Light are now open! Click here to submit art, poetry, or short stories and find out more about the guidelines for volume 4!


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We created LAYLA Journal to promote the culture of art and literature dedicated to the Ahl ul-Bayt in the West. This culture is present in many other languages, but is not yet established in English. We encourage readers to find inspiration in the works presented in this book, to read them aloud in gatherings dedicated to the Ahl ul-Bayt, and create original works.

If you would like to support us more, please keep us in your duas, send us feedback or donate here!