Layla Journal Volume 3 Submissions NOW OPEN!


In the Name of Allah the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

By the grace of Allah, we are pleased to announce that submissions for Volume 3: The Companions of Karbala are now open! All entries must me submitted using this form

The initial submission period is NOW CLOSED! Rolling submissions are now open.

What Are Rolling Submissions: The Layla Journal editorial team does not begin reviewing and accepting submissions until AFTER the submission period closes. Every entry goes through an extensive review process, for quality and Islamic review. In case of leftover space and to give rejected submissions a second chance, there’s rolling submissions. Rolling submissions are:

  • Considered ONLY IF there is leftover space in the journal and have no guarantee of response from TLJ editorial team
  • Initial submitters resubmitting with the TLJ editorial team’s suggested edits are given higher priority
  • Rolling submissions typically last 1 -2 weeks after initial submissions close, but can close at any time

Confused about what The Layla Journal is? Read up here! Otherwise, continue reading on below or use the navigation links to get your entry ready!


This volume will focus on the companions of Imam Hussain on the journey to Karbala, until the end of the day of Ashura, such as Hadhrat Muslim and Hadhrat Hur.

Inshallah we plan to focus on different personalities that were important helpers of the Imam during this time in each Muharram issue in the coming years. For this reason, all works must focus heavily on the companions of the Imam, not members of the Ahlul Bait.

You can submit art, poetry, or a short story.  You can submit one piece to each section. For example, you can submit, an art, poetry, and short story submission, but not 3 poetry submissions.


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