By Taahira Halim

Taahira Halim is a Muslim artist currently pursuing children’s book illustration.

Awakening Soul


The barren desert
Of our hearts and souls may be
Awakened in spring

Does it seek freedom?
Through the wastelands of desire
My soul, it wanders

“Ramadan kareem”
She whispers into the sky
Warming her soul

SZ has loved poetry from a young age, in all languages. She believes that artistic writing can be short and sweet—or long and flowery.


By Mariam Sarwari

Mariam Sarwari is a registered nurse who found a passion in customizing calligraphy while searching for a hobby 🙂

A Secret Lamentation With God

By K.G. Ali

In these months, I am Your guest,
But definitely not the best.
You are the Best of hosts,
The one I seek to please the most.

Yet, it is me that lacks decency,
And commits sins in secrecy.
Falling prey to worldly desires,
Despite knowing my time will expire.

How can I bring myself,
To stand in front of Thy self?
The One and Only Deity,
The All-Powerful, the Almighty!

I try all lowly and ashamed,
Sinful and debased,
Fearful of my record,
Yet, hopeful of some reward.

Your Mercy has no bounds,
And this is the only hope that surrounds.
Counting the sins with an ever ashamed heart,
From where shall I start?

Of how many can I seek pardon?
Knowing well they’ll delay me in seeing Thy garden.
How many can I erase and the losses repay?
Knowing they cause my duas to be delayed.

What about those I have forgotten?
Of deeds done while I was rotten.
What will it take,
To make my soul finally elevate?

How many tears shall I shed?
Perhaps till the water in my eyes turn red.
How many prostrations will it take?
How many supplications should I make?

My heart laments at not answering Your call,
How can I possibly try to recall,
What lame excuses held me back,
And kept me from the right track?

What good is it now?
All I can do is bow.
I hold my head low,
Because I will reap what I sow.

My futile efforts at good deeds,
Seem to be escaping me at great speed.
With what shall I come in Your Grace?
Remorse, repentance, regret written all over my face!

I can expect Mercy from only Yourself,
For who else will continue to bestow favor upon such a lowly self?
Hope is what I have not lost,
Your Mercy I seek to attain at all cost!

With flailing arms I try to grasp,
Any and all good I can clasp.
Please send any opportunity,
Which I seek to complete with sincerity and humility.

Let the Guidance you have shown me,
Illuminate the path in front of me.
For if You will give up on me,
Doomed, I will be for eternity!

Please continue granting the tawfeeq,
To forever seek Thee,
To follow the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt.
My guides for eternity.

If I shall not ask of You,
Then who shall it be?
You cover my sins and grant me another chance,
You multiply my rewards knowing I don’t stand a chance!

Yet, me and people like me,
Get easily deceived by the one whom you call our open enemy.
How we fall into his wretched treachery,
And create for ourselves only misery!
We turn away from Thy Mercy,
Thy Grace, Thy Bounty.
Forgetting that it is to You we will have to return,
And what if in return, we will be shunned?

It is at moments like these,
When my heart cannot find ease,
My lips call out to Thee,
The tears flow like a sea.

How my soul longs to be free,
Thinking about every breath wasted by me.
That is when your Hope and Mercy fill me,
That all is not lost, just think of what awaits me!

I am still to enter the blessed month given by Thee,
A true reflection of Your Mercy.
O my Lord I truly seek guidance,
And want to submit myself in obedience.

I don’t want my worship to be some sort of trade,
Only to raise my grade.
Or out of fear,
Of the punishment of the grave.

It is with utmost sincerity,
I pray to Thee,
That just like Imam Ali,
Instill in us sincerity, humility, piety.

For yet to come is the Mahdi!
O My Lord, make us worthy,
Of bear minimum coming out of gross negligence,
At the very least, providing him with some assistance.

O my Lord, I pray to not fall in ghaflah,
To constantly be reminded of my Qiyamah.
Of how I still need to work hard,
To ensure my deeds do not fall like a deck of cards.

It is at moments like these,
When my worrying does not cease,
You reassure me,
That I am yet to enter the Month of Mercy.

Your love and Generosity,
Await to greet me.
To envelope me with Your Mercy,
If only I am that lucky.

My Lord don’t abandon me,
Don’t EVER turn away from me.
I need Thee, I need Thee,
Your Mercy, Your Mercy!

K. G. Ali is a humble servant of God who spends their time volunteering. K. G. has co-founded two grass root organizations within their community. One works on helping to develop the Islamic identities of young children. The other works on helping to develop a sense of purpose in the lives of adult Muslims by bringing them together through participating in service projects.


By Zahra Ammar

Zahra Ammar, California-based Pakistani paper artist with a love of paper, the written word and in meandering outdoors. She passionately doodles on any surface, weaves threads and is in obsessed with paper and food. She loves the versatility and form that paper has to offer. In her own way, her expressions are cut and folded into her artwork. Her belief is that when language is not enough to communicate, art gives the world the words to express and share.

At Wit’s End

By Murtuza Ali

The holy month of Ramadan
A travesty in the twenty first century long con
Another theoretical being wants us
To struggle with self inflicted strife,

But You ask:

Why do we deserve such a sacrifice?
I mean, wasn’t burning my life on prayer enough already?
Why should I run the extra mile for this “fasting” calamity?
If this being truly wanted us to live a life that’s fulfilling,
Why would it force such a chore onto
People, who are so unwilling?
The only benefit for keeping up this facade?
Just a CHANCE at some “heavenly” clod.
There are those who would like to say
That a chance is better than nothing,
Or our lives are a generosity we did not deserve…

But really?

Betting the swiftly burning flame
That is life to strive towards a slight chance?

And really?

Why then give something so precious
To something so undeserving?
You ask what right we wave to questions these words,
These words divided upon us by our almighty lord?
Allow me to remind You of what our Lord has said
He had said “Iqra”; read, read in the name of your lord!
Our lord doesn’t want you to be uneducated and blind,
So he had left us with a guide.
The answers to our questions,
Can be found in none other
Than the book left to our prophet.
So I won’t tell you why to fast
But instead I will invite you to read
In the name of your Lord
Who has prescribed it for our benefit

Murtuza Ali is a college student at University of West Virginia